Richard Goudreau, producer

Over the course of the last 15 years, RICHARD GOUDREAU has established a solid reputation across Canada as a film distributor. In 1993, he started his own production company MELENNY PRODUCTIONS, which now has 13 films to its credit. As a script advisor, writer and co-writer GOUDREAU is active in the creative process of filmmaking. He is also involved in the sales and marketing of his productions.

His films are sold in more than 40 jurisdictions and have been screened at some of the most important markets and festivals, including Cannes.But it is as the producer of the popular French-language trilogy Les Boys (1997 - 2001) that GOUDREAU made an indelible mark on the Canadian film industry. The films broke box office records and each garnered Golden Reel and Billet d'or awards. As a result, Les Boys will foreverhold a special place in the annals of Quebec cinema.