Nouvelle-France -  Noémie Godin-Vigneau

In addition to training as a singer, NOÉMIE GODIN-VIGNEAU graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada in 1997. She made her public debut as Arianne in the series Diva 1-2-3 (1997-1999). This performance earned her a Métrostar nomination in 1998 for the female lead in a Quebec television series. GODIN-VIGNEAU has also appeared in Bunker, Le Cirque (2001). In 2003 GODIN-VIGNEAU worked with director Claude Fournier on his film Je n'aime que toi (2003). Her lead role in this film - she played a prostitute - was lauded by the critics. The public will have another opportunity to admire GODIN-VIGNEAU's work when she stars in the massive production Nouvelle- France. She also performs regularly in theatre productions.

Her character : Marie-Loup Carignan
Marie Loup is a young peasant girl of humble origin from the Lower Saint Lawrence. Loup is raising her daughter alone after her first husband died. Because of her work as a healer during the war and her knowledge of the medicine used by Indian shamans, rumours circulate about her "witch powers". Her life will change irrevocably when she meets François Le Gardeur.